Divine bulb spray, how to use it?

Ritual gesture, suspended time…

With a delicate hand, slowly, very slowly, a woman sure of her lays a few drops of perfume in the hollow of her neck. This moving gesture, so feminine, is an emblem.

Designed and made for DIVINE by a Japanese craftsman, the bulb spray emphasizes with sobriety and modernity the clean lines of 50 and 100ml DIVINE bottles.

On a dressing table or console, among books and jewelry, lipsticks and photos, DIVINE will look great!

 Installation instructions:

1. Remove the cap from your bottle by unscrewing it,

2. Insert the pear pump into the neck of the bottle by screwing,

3. Spray using the pear.

If you wish to transport this bottle, replace the initial cap by screwing it firmly and take the bulb spray to the original pouch and reinstall it when you arrive at your destination!