30 years of creation

The art of being different

In these troubled times, when so much is imitation, standardized, globalised,
what could be better than a hint of rare perfume to state that you are special ?

For more than 30 years, this is the purest purpose of Divine :
revealing wordlessly that you are unique.

Thus were born 13 créations :



DIVINE splash bottle 50 ml

“ L’éternel féminin… An out of time Chypré for a woman who fully accepts her femininity… and her beauty…”

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“She knows that some day she will be Queen…”

Discover the creations l’infante


l’homme de cœur

L'homme de coeur man perfume divine

“ Will he be the man of the 21st century ? Elegance and subtlety.”

Discover the creations l’homme de cœur


l’âme sœur

Ame Soeur

“Timeless and modern at the same time, the soulmate deserves its name, the most beautiful of encounters…”

Discover the creations l’âme sœur


l’homme sage

Creations l'homme sage perfume men

“The dignified descendant of Homo Sapiens… A masterful and self-asserting personality.”

Discover the creations l’homme sage




“She illuminates all those who enter its sphere… Beware ! Sensuality is in the air !”

Discover the creations l’inspiratrice


l’être aimé au féminin, l’être aimé au masculin


“At the heart of our lives is a perfume we will never forget, the fragrance of being loved. This perfume is engraved in our memory. A woman, a man, sharing one name : l’être aimé..”

Discover the creations l’être aimé au féminin / l’être aimé au masculin


eau divine

ED8 Resized

“ Freshness and sensuality…”

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l’homme infini

L'homme Infini perfume divine

“The man of all possibilities… What unknown frontiers will he conquer? What new temporal or spiritual dimensions will he discover? L’homme infini has one desire: to invent the future.”

Discover the creations l’homme infini



50ml Spirituelle Eventails 2200px

“Independent, bright, and captivating, her eyes twinkling with desire. As she gives sense to life, I have called her Spirituelle.”

Discover the creations spirituelle


l’homme accompli

L'homme Accompli

“He strives to earn the share of humanity he has received in sharing…”

Discover the creations l’homme accompli


l’esprit libre

L'esprit Libre Eau De Parfum 9 Min

“The blue twinkle of iris.
The clarity of a summer’s sky.
A perfume for liberty.”

Discover the creations l’esprit libre