Eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume extract … what’s the difference?

These different names correspond to different concentrations of perfume extract, the more the product is concentrated, the more the outfit will be powerful, also explaining the differences in price.

From more to less concentrated:

The perfume extract or more commonly known as perfume: more than 20% of perfume oil – a rare and expensive product but whose concentration makes it possible to apply a touch on the skin for an incredible wake.

The eau de parfum: between 10 and 20% of perfume oil

The eau de toilette: between 8 and 10% of perfume oil

The eau de Cologne: less than 8% of perfume oil

At  Divine, we sell exclusively perfume waters whose concentration varies according to the creations, between 18 and 20%. We also have 4 excerpts on our creations for her: divine, l’inspiratrice, l’âme sœur and spirituelle.