How to keep my perfume longer? The mistakes not to do!

The worst enemies for perfume are temperature shocks, light, humidity, and especially air!

The best way to keep your perfume as long as possible is to keep it in its original box in a cabinet in your room away from light, heat and tightly closed to avoid contact with the air . Puting it on display in your bathroom, or on the edge of a window is not at all a good idea, wait until your bottles are empty to put them as decoration!

In general, the vaporizers keep better than the splash bottles,  opening them regularly promotes contact with air and thus accelerates oxidation. A full bottle will always be better than an open bottle half empty.

Finally, perfume waters and extracts, more concentrated in perfume,  are better preserved than eau de toilette and colognes, which are more volatile. As with the holding of a perfume, the aromatic and citrus notes at the top being more volatile, they are often more sensitive to oxidation whereas base notes, which are more powerful and slow to develop, become suddenly more resistant to instability over time.