I bought the same perfume as a friend but I do not find the same scent on me at all, why?

You fell in love with a perfume on a loved one and wanted to buy it for you and this one does not feel the same? It has nothing to do with the quality of this perfume but with your skin.

Actually each skin spreads the perfume in a more or less different way, it is besides for this reason that it is very important to try on your skin all the perfumes that you buy and to live a few days with for s ensure that it fits you well.

Each having on the surface of its skin a bacterial flora that gives it this unique side, are added to that our own body temperature, our sebum, and our habits of hygiene (different soaps for example) and nutrition. Finally, the pH of the skin plays an important role in the rebroadcasting of the perfume, according to its acidity. The pH of the skin will work on the different molecules contained in the perfume and modify its diffusion, its evolution and therefore its scent which causes a different feeling on the skin.