Perfume and sun?

For several years, popular ideas have made us think that perfume and sun do not mix well. There was indeed a group of molecules, called furocoumarins, or psoralens, which had a photo-sensitizing action on the skin, with bergapten, a molecule naturally contained in citrus essential oils. This molecule had the effect of stimulating the production of melanin and thus accelerating the tanning of the skin, but since 1996, the European Cosmetic Directive has called for the discontinuation and the elimination of this molecule in all cosmetic products.

The essential oils containing this molecule have been reworked to eliminate this action. In addition alcohol is highly volatile and the main component of a perfume, it has a very short life in full sun on your skin, a few minutes, the risks of long-term reaction are therefore close to zero. Finally you will notice that your perfume in contact with the heat of your skin will be better olfactory!