What do you mean by top notes, heart notes, and base notes?

In perfumery, we speak of notes for the constitution and the description of a perfume, the notes correspond to the various scents that compose a perfume. When we build a perfume, we work on the olfactory pyramid, with top notes at the  head of the pyramid, heart notes at the middle and base notes at the bottom. These ratings are divided according to their lasting capabilities / volatility.

The top notes are the most volatile, we can only feel them for a few minutes on the skin, it’s a bit like the first impression of the perfume, it’s often fresh or sparkling notes as citrus, spices and aromatic notes ( basil, coriander …).

Then appear the heart notes a few minutes after the top notes, it’s a little the heart of the perfume, its identity, it is often floral notes. And finally there are the base notes, they are the wake of the perfume, his outfit and are often composed of wood, balms, musc and powdered chords. On each Divine creation page on the website, you can find the top, heart and base notes of each perfume, they will help you better understand the olfactory construction of each creation and you appropriate it or not according to other perfumes that you already wear.