What is an olfactory family?

We classify perfumes in what we call olfactory families according to the notes that compose them.

These families are then subdivided into subfamilies.

We can cite 7 main ones, from the coolest to the most powerful:

Citrus: a family made up of fresh and sparkling notes: citrus fruits (mandarins, oranges, lemons, petit grain, bergamot …) that are often associated with floral notes (white flowers) and spices. Our eau divine creation is part of this family.

Aromatics: this family is rather represented by masculine perfumes based in particular by aromatic notes, oak moss, lavender, fern … Our creations l’homme infini, l’homme de coeur and l’être aimé au masculin  are part of this family.

Florals: family consisting of many notes based on flowers (absolute, essential oil, and synthetic) that are found both in the head and heart. These floral notes are often associated with fruity notes. Our l’âme soeur and l’infante creations are part of this family.

Florientals: a family of floral notes in the head associated with warmer notes such as vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk. The florientals do not have too woody notes or patchouli; they are rather greedy and floral. Our spirituelle creation is part of this family.

Chyprés: family whose specificity is to combine 3 universes: fruity notes, spicy notes and floral notes around the oak moss. Our divine eponymous creation of Divine is part of this family.

Orientals: family made up of warmer and more opulent notes such as patchouli, amber, vanilla, rose, musk and woody notes (oud, sandalwood …). Our creations l’inspiratrice, l’être aimé au féminin and l’homme accompli are part of this family.

Woody: family consisting largely of woods and balms in base notes such as sandalwood, vetiver, cedar but no patchouli. Our creation l’homme sage is part of this family.