Why do not I smell my own perfume anymore ?

You have a perfume for some time now and you realize that you do not feel it anymore. Indeed what usually happens is that you adopt your perfume, you lower the guard and develop a kind of addiction to your own smell / perfume. To stay alert to other odors around you, your brain and your olfactory receptors no longer focus on your own scent that has been accepted and validated. There is no longer any need for protection and therefore no longer need to feel it, it is part of us, it is our identity – so on the contrary you are saturated by this smell, why you do not feel it – to you to check with your entourage if the power of it is adequate or not! If we take the example of a pregnant woman, her brain and its olfactory receptors are constantly awake on the odors as a protective system, it will surely have scents that will make her sick, may not like the same scents and perfumes that usually because the being who is in his belly also participates in this appreciation and appropriation of odors. The perfumes that you feel longer are not always pledge of quality, indeed they are loaded in top note and therefore can be more heady than anything else.