An olfactory approach

creativity and exception in perfume

Our credo : creativity, uniqueness and difference.

The heart of our philosophy : the quality of raw materials, the intensity of fragrances, and
the timeless and unique character of the composition.

Richard Ibanez
Yann Vasnier

Two noses of great talent work with Yvon Mouchel

Richard Ibanez – ROBERTET et Yann Vasnier – GIVAUDAN

We create unique and exceptional fragrances in terms of their composition.
They do not stem from a marketing idea but from a creative desire.

The ingredients from which we make our creations are precious
The root of our success : we use the best to get the best.

« Creating a perfume is an art. »

perfume for woman

But creation doesn’t stop there: perfume is also the fruit of those who wear it.

The moment it touches the skin it belongs to the wearer, heart and soul. Perfume is therefore an incredible essence of life, an exchange, encounter and emotion for both women and men.

Perfume – for oneself, for joy, for follies and impulses, giving each person their special smile and aura.