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Where to find my Divine perfumes ?

boutique divine st malo

In France, Divine fragrances are sold exclusively in our own showrooms.

We hope to bring you a constant service and closer to your wishes.

Find the closest showroom to you:

Book your Divine instant, customized service in store – list of available services below.

Divine in the World: traveling or not living / more in France?

We have selected the best accomplices to represent us outside France:


What services are available in the showrooms?

boutique divine st malo

L’INSTANT DIVINE :  our tailor-made services:


“Perfume is also the work of those who wear it.

As soon as it takes shape, the fragrance belongs to them heart and soul. It is then, for her and for him, a great essence of life, exchange, meeting, emotion. ” Come visit us in store for a personalized perfume consultation, we will find with you the perfume that suits you the best.


For more than 30 years, the filling service has been at the heart of DIVINE.

All our bottles are refillable; you can come and have your bottle refilled in the showroom of your choice.

It is an eco-friendly approach, and we will pay particular attention to it.