Catégorie Faq: My perfume and me


How and where to apply his scent?

Créations l'âme soeur

Our perfume is our identity, it’s us. It allows us to feel more alive and more attractive by accompanying us every day in different situations.

It is therefore important to apply it according to our preferences:

On the skin: we recommend applying the perfume to the warm areas of the body, this are areas where the heart’s pulsations are strongest and where the perfume, thanks to the heat, will develop its different molecules more quickly and spread more.

It is therefore better to perfume at:

Wrists: area where the pulsations are strongest, wrists play a role in the seduction by their powerful diffusion with our movements but also in the intimate and comforting fragrance, it is easy in the day to smell the wrist for comfort.

On the other hand in spite of the received ideas and this almost automatic gesture, do not rub your wrist after application, indeed it will break the molecules and will not allow the perfume to diffuse correctly!

Neck, neck and décolleté: drop a few drops or spray your perfume on these areas and it will spread throughout the day,

Behind the ears: on the temples

Back of  knees: for a wake that will follow all of your movements!

On hair and clothes: spray your perfume in a cloud in front of you and go inside, this will deposit some molecules on your hair and clothes that will diffuse differently than your skin.

Indeed on the fabrics the perfume can diffuse differently depending on the type of fabric, prefer rather natural fabrics to synthetics, such as cotton, wool, cashmere, linen etc. …

Beware of the stains that can cause certain perfumes, do not spray too close to the fabric !


Perfume and sun?

Créations l'âme soeur

For several years, popular ideas have made us think that perfume and sun do not mix well. There was indeed a group of molecules, called furocoumarins, or psoralens, which had a photo-sensitizing action on the skin, with bergapten, a molecule naturally contained in citrus essential oils. This molecule had the effect of stimulating the production of melanin and thus accelerating the tanning of the skin, but since 1996, the European Cosmetic Directive has called for the discontinuation and the elimination of this molecule in all cosmetic products.

The essential oils containing this molecule have been reworked to eliminate this action. In addition alcohol is highly volatile and the main component of a perfume, it has a very short life in full sun on your skin, a few minutes, the risks of long-term reaction are therefore close to zero. Finally you will notice that your perfume in contact with the heat of your skin will be better olfactory!


Should I put more perfume to smell longer and / or for a more powerful wake?

Créations l'âme soeur

No it has nothing to do with the amount of perfume applied, but with the way you applied it or probably because your nose got used to it but your entourage probably still smells it!

To allow you a longer and more powerful diffusion of your perfume, we advise you to apply a neutral body cream or the cream corresponding to your perfume before its application.

 A well hydrated skin, better hold the molecules and will spread even better your favorite scent!


I bought the same perfume as a friend but I do not find the same scent on me at all, why?

Créations l'âme soeur

You fell in love with a perfume on a loved one and wanted to buy it for you and this one does not feel the same? It has nothing to do with the quality of this perfume but with your skin.

Actually each skin spreads the perfume in a more or less different way, it is besides for this reason that it is very important to try on your skin all the perfumes that you buy and to live a few days with for s ensure that it fits you well.

Each having on the surface of its skin a bacterial flora that gives it this unique side, are added to that our own body temperature, our sebum, and our habits of hygiene (different soaps for example) and nutrition. Finally, the pH of the skin plays an important role in the rebroadcasting of the perfume, according to its acidity. The pH of the skin will work on the different molecules contained in the perfume and modify its diffusion, its evolution and therefore its scent which causes a different feeling on the skin.


Why do not I smell my own perfume anymore ?

Créations l'âme soeur

You have a perfume for some time now and you realize that you do not feel it anymore. Indeed what usually happens is that you adopt your perfume, you lower the guard and develop a kind of addiction to your own smell / perfume. To stay alert to other odors around you, your brain and your olfactory receptors no longer focus on your own scent that has been accepted and validated. There is no longer any need for protection and therefore no longer need to feel it, it is part of us, it is our identity – so on the contrary you are saturated by this smell, why you do not feel it – to you to check with your entourage if the power of it is adequate or not! If we take the example of a pregnant woman, her brain and its olfactory receptors are constantly awake on the odors as a protective system, it will surely have scents that will make her sick, may not like the same scents and perfumes that usually because the being who is in his belly also participates in this appreciation and appropriation of odors. The perfumes that you feel longer are not always pledge of quality, indeed they are loaded in top note and therefore can be more heady than anything else.